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F.I.R.P. is a non-political and non-denominational association, founded in 1987 by Elipio Zamboni that aims to promote the study, diffusion, development, the pursuit of reflexology with an open mind to the complementary disciplines through courses, conferences, publications, participation in fairs and events, forums, and scientific research and with its three years of school .

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The profession of the reflexologist is not yet well defined by Italian legislature, and for this reason it is very important that all Reflexologists are gathered in an association like ours, that keeps in constant contact with regional institutions and national and European parliamentarians, as well as with all the other associations in the field of Bio Natural Disciplines (DBN), in order to get the recognition we deserve.
FIRP is among the 43 associations under control by the Ministry of Grace and Justice.
F.I.R.P. has been involved for years to raise awareness of the institutions on the subject of recognition.
The first results can be considered consolidated by now: different regions have already issued the Regulations that recognize the existence of “Operators for Wellness” and are discussing projects of regulations to govern the matter.
Furthermore, FIRP, at a national level, is an active member of the IAS (Interassociazione Arti Salute) and, at the European level, is a Full Member of RIEN (Reflexology in Europe Network).
Adherence to F.I.R.P. allows our members to :
– To participate to the community life,
– To propose within the association your experiences and compare them with those of our colleagues,
– To participate in experimental laboratories,
– To participate, at a reduced cost, to refresher courses,
– To receive our magazine RO,
– To participate in conferences and to withdraw its documentation, always at subsidized rates,
– To receive internal communications relevant to the defence of our profession,
– To receive newsletter.
In addition, all members F.I.R.P. after the diploma, can attend school for free, by attending classes in the various schools (Milan, Turin and Pordenone).
We have created a series of presentations for different groups of users that members can request to use during the promotion of reflexology in their cities through meetings, workshops and conferences.
We have a package called “Services for members” which includes flyers, business cards, gadgets etc., who regularly we communicate to members in good standing with the membership fee.
FIRP operates throughout the country and is actively committed to the recognition of reflexology on a professional level. Roundtables, conferences, scientific research, debates, seminars, quarterly magazines and other publications, FIRP has moved in all directions and by all means to promote and spread this beneficial technique.
All members have the right to vote and there are no differences among the members for the election of the internal control of the association. The activities of FIRP and its members are governed by a constitution and the Code of Practice.
The registered office of the association is in Brignano Gera d’Adda (Bergamo) Via Manzoni 29.


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