EUROPEAN REFLEXOLOGY DAY – Last Saturday of April Annually

Started by the member organisations of RiEN as a way to promote Reflexology as a valuable healing tool in Europe and to help fund raise money to enable them to remain part of the EFCAM project.

World Reflexology Week is already an established tool to promote Reflexology around the world. Each country has it’s own unique rules and regulations on how reflexology and other CAM therapies are regulated and practiced.

We in Europe have a unique opportunity to influence and guide EU policy on CAM therapies. But political lobbying is expensive. Rather than financially burden our membership further in the current economic climate, we looked for ways to fundraise and promote what we do. We can promote ourselves, our reflexology and support each other in funding our future.

It is important that Reflexology has a voice in Europe to ensure that European citizens have free choice and access to Reflexology and other CAM practices:

• European citizens have free choice and access to Reflexology and other CAM practices

• Reflexologists (appropriately trained and regulated) have the legal right to practice in Europe

• The right of free movement and establishment of Reflexologists across Europe

• Reflexology and other CAM therapies are included in EU health policy and strategy.

Reflexology is a CAM therapy currently without recognition by government in Europe.

• Reflexology cannot stand-up as a lone voice in Europe.

• Without a voice in the European policy making arena, non-medical CAM practitioners will be side-lined and pushed out by medical doctors practicing CAM. This would ultimately mean that in order to practice legally, all CAM practitioners would have to be medically trained

• EFCAM has been told that non-medical CAM therapists need to be in agreement with each other and club together in order to have a voice in Europe at a policy making level

• The CAM doctors have lots of resources that can be used for lobbying the policy makers

We do realise that not all of our membership countries are members of the European Union. We do recognise that they will probably encounter or have encountered similar issues with their governments. We feel that once an acceptable policy has been agreed and written by EU member state, this could be used as a template for non EU member states for negotiations.

What we are suggesting you do is host an event in your local area and ask for donations for taster treatments you are providing on the day.
50% (after expenses) of the money you raise on European Reflexology will go to fund lobbying the EU for CAM rights for you as a Reflexologist. The other 50% you can donate to a charity of your choosing.