Conference 2021

The RiEN conference of 2021 will be from 19 to 24 April. Because of the COVID pandemic it will be online.

The conference is organised by the FFR.
It is possible to register from 24 February and the costs are € 94.


Next speakers will give a presentation ( changings are possible):
1. Kevin Kunz
2. Judith Wheatley
3. Lee anthony Taylor
4. Vera Krijn
5. Emile Deschamps
6. Christine Bretin
7. Nico Pauly
8. Heinrike Bergmans
9. Orlando Volpe
10. Gbadessi Dider Jacques
11. Patricia Torossian
12. Leila Erikson
13. Hanan Ben Abdeslam
14. Lilian Gautheron


Reflexology Day and Reflexology Week

To promote reflexology and Reflexology in Europe Nexus, we have every year a reflexology day, the last day of April. We also have a reflexology week, the last whole week of September. During that time all reflexologists give treatments  for instance in an elderly home, to let people now what reflexology is. And how  a reflexologist can help to feel good and get healty ( again)

Reflexology Day, every year last Saturday of April

Reflexology Week, every year, last whole week of September