About RiEN

Reflexology in Europe Nexus connects reflexologists from all around Europe and the world. We believe that this is the way to make reflexology stronger!

We represent an increasing membership of 26 Member Associations  (corresponding to more than 6000 reflexologists), 33 School Members, and 10 Friend Members; all together from 14 European countries and  the USA, Canada, Mexico, Austria and Turkey. More information about the organisations in your country you will find in the members page.

Every year all full member organisations of RiEN (Association member and School member) get a new  accrediting degree and usable logo with the running year on it. Be sure, when you want to find a member organisation of RiEN, that they have the logo of the right year and certification, otherwise the organisation is not a member and RiEN will not vouch for them.

You also can find us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.

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