Advice and Ethics Committee

At the AGM in Brussels we discussed the necessity of having an Ethics Committee.

After the AGM different Associations told us that the way this committee was chosen at the AGM was illegal ! So we think we have to do the voting again next AGM.
We have the experience,  after many AGM,  that one of the biggest problems to make decisions during the AGM is the language problem; and also what is normal in one country is illegal in another one! In the Netherlands, for instance,  one doesn’t use the term “Ethics Committee”, but “Advice Committee”. Such a Committee mediate between two parties when they are not in  agreement. Thus, we suggest to call it “Ethics & Advice Committee”

In the meantime we have found several Reflexologists from different European Countries with a lot of experience in Reflexology and being not a board member nor a school member, who are willing to be a member of the new Ethics and Advice  Committee. 

We are very happy to introduce:

  1. Efrosini Marda Stravelaki (Greece)
    She was with Mo Usher and Anneke at one of the first ICR Conferences to set up an organisation for united reflexologists in Europe, has been one of the people to set up a Reflexology Association in Greece.
  2. Helga Ditmann (Germany)
    Was the person who set up Reflexology in Germany and also for a while chair of RiEN
  3. Daphne Gartner (Great Britain)

Was a member of the AOR and was also chair of RiEN

  • Orlando Volpe (Italy)
    Was vice chair of RiEN and also the representative of the Italian Reflexology Association FIRP
  • 5.      Anna-Kaarina Lind (Finland)
    Was one of the organisers of the RiEN Conference in Tampere and has done a lot in Reflexology training.

Because of the language problems we decided some years ago, it should be more wise to send  at least three months before an AGM new items that must be voted for at the AGM to the members, so they can discuss it in their board in their own language.

The item that should be voted for at the AGM is  to form an independent and upright Ethics and Advise Committee and the Reflexologists who will be member of this Committee.

Advice and ethice constitution