RiEN Education

Research in education is fundamental to RiEN’s role in promoting reflexology across Europe.

Many factors need to be taken into consideration when comparing what can be achieved in reflexology on a national level. Legal and educational requirements in one country may restrict activities or goals which reflexologists in another country might find easy to achieve.

So for many years RiEN has encouraged membership organisations to work hard to share information and look for a common thread within the teaching, assessment and delivery of reflexology training. A key outcome of this for RiEN is providing a central source of information on educational standards and requirements within different national frameworks and regulatory environments.

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Over the years the role of the RiEN Education Group (REG) has been to establish and provide information on the core requirements for qualification in reflexology in different countries – what the training content is, how it is assessed, even how many contact hours are the minimum training requirement considered necessary to become a qualified and competent reflexologist. This work continues, as each country develops and brings new information to the table. It may be many years before there is one common European standard for reflexology, but while RiEN members continue to meet and share knowledge and understanding, this presents a platform for individual students and therapists to see what they would need to complete or achieve in order to practise if they were to move to another European country.

With the information that each membership organisation has provided you will be able to see on this page what is currently required within each country for training and membership. RiEN is also able to offer support and advice.

If your organisation is not currently a member of RiEN and you are interested in becoming a member and involved please  click here