The role of RiEN Research Consultant is to be helping RiEN members to understand the concept of Research and to facilitate the spread of research knowledge throughout Europe.
This is carried out by the two research specialists Leila Eriksen from Denmark and Nancy Klein from the Netherlands. Leila and Nancy run research ‘surgeries’ at the annual meetings and generally helping spread information and knowledge about correct scientific research into Reflexology.

We received great information from Italy:
LaRi, ex Firp lab, is the new indipendent reflexology research lab.
It has now concluded its statistical survey carried out on 324 cases, regarding the effectiveness of
foot reflexology.
This study was presented as a draft by Mr. Stefano Suardi, (ex Firp secretary and after President) at
the European Rien conference held in Athens, attracting significant interest.
The whole study hereby attached, has involved italian reflexologist for years, with the aim to
demonstrate the effectiveness of reflexology with no restrictions.


Analisi sondaggio

Research project sent by Leila
Appeal: The Migraine Project 2015


We are glad to receive the research report from Marga van Erp, Total Health, The Netherlands
Scientific Research Reflexology and Quality of life

From reflexologist of the USA many research reports come:
Reflexology research, information from Bill Flocco

Abstract from Tracey Smith, AoR, Great Britain and Leila Erikson, Denmark

Abstracts from Leila Erikson:

Inspiring Reflexology Reserach 2016

Reflexology Research Course






Leila Erikson speaks on Madeira

Leila Erikson speaks on Madeira


The research surgeries allow a chance to discuss your intended project with the research specialists for guidance and comment at the annual meeting on a one to one basis.

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This appointment is needed to be pre booked and anyone can apply for one, not just the AGM delegates. All we ask is for there to be the beginning of a plan for a research project, this does not have to be comprehensive (see below for further information), but needs to be submitted in advance to allow the research specialist to gather any required information.

Applications can be sent in before the AGM to Leila Eriksen, E-mail:
Leila is available at the phone daily 8-9 am (Danish time) if any questions.

For inspiration: “A guide in Securing the Quality of Research Project for Alternative Therapists” is available on The Danish National Board of health web page link)

The article “Reflexology – a therapy form in progress” , can be downloaded here as PDF-file

The latest ongoing project Leila Eriksen has inspired to is a Migraine project carried on in cooperation with reflexology association in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and England – together with The University in Tromsoe, link)
RiEN is proud of being part of supporting this. For further information please have a look at the following PDF-files

Leila Eriksen profile 2016