Board Members


Eduardo Luis

Director, President and Chairperson – Research Committee: Eduardo Luís (Portugal)

Eduardo Luís studied medicine in Porto and afterwords Reflexology in Madeira in 2001. He continued his studies in Porto at the Institute of Integrated Reflexology in 2004 and completed his studies in 2007. He studied Chinese Medicine, has 15 years experience in the Reflexology field and in 2007 he founded the Centre for Reflexology in Madeira, of which he is a director.

Eduardo is a trainer and organizes workshops and conferences for the dissemination of Reflexology in Madeira and Portugal. He has given basic Reflexology training in the Regional Health Service in Madeira to nurses, doctors and the general public. He writes for magazines on reflexology issues and has participated in programs on TV and Radio. Eduardo is a Monitor of the Reflexology Course – Child method by Angeles Hinojosa, integrated with the “Spanish Association of Reflexology Child”.

Eduardo is an advocate of the Reflexology clinic in Portugal and it is his intention to establish a credible body in order to see Reflexology accepted by the National Health Service.

Because of all his work in promotion, and the results he obtained in reflexology, the government allows that they can work in hospital and have created conditions and regulation for complementary medicine.



Anneke van’t Wout

I have been involved with reflexology for more than 30 years. I am founder of several Dutch associations and together with Mo Usher founder of RiEN. I am member of the ICR and have been an ICR boardmember for some years as treasurer. Had a school of reflexology for 15 years. I helped to organise a conference 2012. I had been working in a total health organisation in the Netherlands to create a new system for health.

Have a background in APP, reflexology, kinesiology, astrology, nutrision and give seminars in reflexology,

Have made my own system in a combination of reflexology and kinesiology and have given a lot of seminars about this system in the Netherlands, Germany, China and Slovenia.

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Esther Van Der Haar

I was born in 1952, have 3 children and 5 grandchildren.
I did my study for nurse in a children hospital in Den Haag and afterwards I studied for district nurse. Till 2012 I  worked part-time advising parents of 0-4 years old children  in a consutation office or at their homes or by phone.
In 1994 I became reflexologist, in 1995 pedicure and at that time a training school asked me to teach reflexology and A/P/P to the  pedicure students. I was in a exam committee for pedicure (theory and practical) and reflexology for many years.
In 2004 I started my own training-school of reflexology: Pedesther. I stopped teaching at my own school in 2011, but I give still lectures when I am asked to teach students reflexology and aroma therapy.


Ronald Grave
Vice Chair

Initiated to Reflexology in 1986, & having improved my training in the 1990’s, I have started to use it in my clinical dietetetics (inspired from hippocratic teachings) consultations since 1992. At this time very few reflexologists did practice in France. In 1998, I was present at the first inaugurating A.G.M. of F.F.R. (French Federation of Reflexologists). Having been main co-worker of Mireille Meunier, founder of F.F.R., for several years, she brought me quite a lot in this specific work of teaching reflexology, although teaching as a professional & practicing reflexology was already part of my activities.
In 2002, my brother & I decided to found an association of reflexologists, on a very definite ethical basis, because we had realized that many reflexologists practised various methods of complementary medicine, but in a big confusion.
It is in our values to do what we think, what we believe & what we say. More than 10 years have convinced us we made the good choice.