About RiEN

RiEN is a network, we try to connect organisations and exchange our knowlegde of reflexology, education, (political) situation of reflexologists in different countries.

At the moment 10619 Reflexologists, members of 33 Reflexology associations ( full members) from 20European countries, constitute the size and capacity of our network. We also have 22 schoolmembers and 7 friend members ( from USA, Israel, Romania, France, United Kingdom, Slovenia and Canada).

Whatever your enquiry on the RiEN and Reflexology, you will find the information on our website, or by contacting the board. Being a network, our prime goal is to share information. Specifically, enquiries regarding matters of Reflexology training, EU regulation – legislation, research and the promotion of Complementary Alternative Medicine (CAM) on an EU level. Do not be surprised if we can assist on international matters also.

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